Taking the Stress out of College Applications

You’ve studied hard and taken the tests. You’ve earned your grades. Now, let our experienced counselors help you find the right schools, write the perfect essay, and close out your final year of high school with confidence.



We’ll be your strategic guide to help you get into college.

With so many forms to fill out, so many pages to read, and so little time for it all, applying to college can seem even more challenging than graduating! Let our college counselors guide you through the paperwork, the deadlines, and the essays so that you can focus on enjoying your senior year.

  • Consultation

    The college application process is oftentimes a group effort. We want to consult with everyone involved to make choices that work best for the applicant.

  • Plan & Organize

    We keep careful track of deadlines, scholarships, and requirements to create a timeline that the student and tutor can easily follow.

  • Essay Development

    Writing a stellar essay can make or break your application. Our tutors know what it takes to stand out from the herd.

  • Finalization

    Make final edits to your essay and ensure everything is in order well before the deadline so you can relax and enjoy graduation.


“My two children got a lot more than just an increase in their test scores at BLC. My youngest attended BLC for 6 years and I witnessed how the instructors became mentors to him. In my children's experience, BLC has transformed the idea of tutoring from focusing on test scores to  building and developing the foundation that go beyond application in schools or tests. This is exactly what I had hoped for and went through many tutoring centers and at BLC, we found the experience that worked for my kids. In schools, only  a few get the attention that they need and with working parents children need mentors more than ever. I am very grateful for the influence that BLC has had to my children. As an added benefit, both my children are now attending their first choice University.”

Kristi L.


“This place allowed me to build study habits that helped me later on in my academic career. Now, I'm attending a prestigious university and I'm certain BLC was one of the factors that helped me get there.”

Amabel J.


“My counselor helped me tremendously by guiding me to find unique essay topics. His organization skills allowed me to be more efficient and less stressed, and to complete all my applications.”

Yena K.


Our college guidance course offers 15 sessions with one of our experts which includes consultation, planning, essay work, and final revision.




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